Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

It's been waaaaaay too long between drinks. Actually, the truth is it hasn't been nearly long enough, but that's the silly season for you. I shall blog on my imaginary detox and rehab some other time.

But it has been way too long between blog posts, and I have a backlog of ideas, stories and thoughts I want to put down. So I'm back, but softly.

Technically I'm still on holidays for now, though. Which is weird as I qualify 'holidays' as having my hubby, M, at home. I love it when he's here because I don't see enough of him when he's out running the world, and I miss him. This year he's taken three weeks and it's been great for the whole family to just be together. We've had a holiday at home, or as my friend Anne calls it, a "staycation". M's presence is quiet and steady, but somehow manages to completely stuff up any routines I used to have. Like regular exercise, eating sensibly and writing my blog.

He's home for one more week and then I will be forced to kick myself up the arse and get cracking back into Real Life.

By that I am talking about real, proper routines for me and more importantly for the girls. Our 2.5 year old needs to be completely de-programmed and is obviously not suited to a hedonistic lifestyle. Her daily tantrums are getting tedious even to her. Her hissy fits have become more frequent and I suspect they are due more to having an audience than to her problem with being told to finish her breakfast.

Our house has been a revolving door lately and has seen more summertime action than the Ivy Pool Bar, but with just a bit more nudity. Kids in the clam pool, kids under the sprinkler, barbeques that have gone way past lunchtime and into gorgeous, warm evenings. Heaven. It's this stuff that makes you pine for summer during the quieter, more insular winter months.

And while I'm needing one of those quiet weeks right now, I'll be daydreaming about them when it's all over.