Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shut Up Gwyneth

Ok, clarification time. Gwynnie was actually talking about her blog, Goop, when she said that. She was defending it to some nosy journo who had the nerve to ask her what was so damn good about it. I've been onto Goop, and... well, obviously I don't get it because I don't like it. I think it's elitist twaddle at worst, and hilariously funny at best. Especially as Gwyn loves to tell people how they can dress like her, be better mothers like her, and generally more enlightened... yes, like her.
So now I'm back on my original 'shut up Gwyneth' bandwagon.
In terms of words of wisdom, I suppose it was a good comment in defence of Goop (such a perfect name). And hey, nobody wants to be hammered about sharing their life on their blog (ahem...)
Quote of the day: "You don't really get it, because if you did, you would like it..." Gwyneth Paltrow.
Usually, I would steer clear of anything Gwynnie has to say and she is one of the last people I'd ever quote, because I think she's boring and incredibly uptight. But this struck a chord with me.
Just goes to show we all have a few words of wisdom in us.
It's amazing when you see someone from your past doing something that would seem to be completely out of character for the person you knew back then. Case in point is an old friend I've lost touch with, who has undergone a metamorphosis. Her whole persona has changed, from her look, to her accent, to her goals to her... everything. I know this because she is in the public eye at the moment, showing everyone her new self and claiming to be the person we all should want to be. I'm happy for her, and it's great that she's doing something that makes her happy. A lot can happen in 13 years, true. But it makes me wonder if I ran into my old 13-year ago self in some weirdy parallel universe, would I think I was so different?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is there anything better than rolling around on the floor with your kids? My 19 month old and I just had fifteen solid minutes of playing 'roly poly', killing ourselves laughing and trying to keep the dog off us. I'm still wiping peanut butter off my face from all the kisses. Heaven.
It's taken forever to set this thing up. I'm still not sure about how much of my personal info to put on here, as I do get freaked out about identity theft, weirdos and by over-sharing people.
For someone who spends way too much time giving her two bob's worth on other people's blogs, it's about time I took the reins and took on some of the responsibility for posting content. And it's just ocurred to me that I can steer this thing anywhere I want it to go. Scary.
Annoyingly, after all that setting up, my time is now up... Baby is awake. At least I'll have time to think about what I'll write next... so I guess I'll see you later.